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My vision is basically reflected in my wines in the “Die Leidenschaft“ (The Passion) line. It is my aim to enhance the potential of the wines in the Kamp Valley and Strass, concentrating on their longevity and finesse by maturing them in small oak barrels. In my opinion, outstanding wines are the perfect combination of high quality grapes and the wine-grower’s sensitive use of oak.

Wines which are interesting in their youth gain finesse and expression over the years. Ageing allows them to become special.

In the last few years a new task has fallen to me. In connection with the topic “terroir“, I have had the opportunity to find a combination of the best vineyards -“first growths“- in Strass that produce wines with the typical characteristics of the region. In 2004 we were blessed with an exceptional harvest in the vineyards we had selected. A new series of wines was born, wines bearing the name of “Strasser Weinberge“ (Strass Vineyards). These are wines with a classic vinification that boast a superb freshness and impress the wine lover with a complex structure - a complexity gained from the great potential of the vineyards in Strass.