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In summer 2005 my brother Dietmar and I were extremely lucky to be able to buy an outstanding vineyard within the Strasser Wechselberg first growth. It is terraced and has been planted with Neuburger, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner grape varieties since 1958. What further impressed us was the fact that there is just one vine per square metre. This means, unfortunately, that we can’t use any machines and have to do all the work manually. But it also creates a unique microclimate within the vineyard. Our very first ‘von den Terrassen 1958' vintage boasts this uniqueness in many different ways.

In spring 2006 we decided to change all the supports and wiring – an important measure to secure the existence of the vineyard in general, and be able to further guarantee exceptional wines in the future. It gives us great pleasure to work in this vineyard!

Dietmar and Martin Arndorfer